Letter: Thank you

Dear Editor:

Six weeks have passed since losing my Sonny.  Again, I thank the many, many people who were and continue to give me such warm and wonderful support.  Thank you to my friends who wrap their arms around me, soothing my tears. Thank you to my employer, Rio Blanco County, for their willingness to help me do my job and take care of my husband.  Thank you to the strong and compassionate people of HopeWest and the staff I dealt with at Pioneers Hospital and Meeker Drugs.  Thank you to the many people who helped guide me through the difficult days and paperwork that such an ordeal entails. I was blessed to share 30 years with Sonny.  I continue to be graced with such blessings by living in this special place filled with so many compassionate people.  May I be here for you as you have been here for me.

Kristine Hicken