Letter: Thanks for clean up assistance

Dear Editor:

A big thank you to all the folks that took time out this past weekend who helped with the trash clean up effort in Meeker along the river and city park. A clean and healthy river frontage reflects well on the our community and allows visitors the opportunity to come to Meeker and enjoy a beautiful White River.

To the locals that live here, the White River is our life blood. It supports our economy and the communities that live here. The White River Alliance and Yellow Jacket Water Conservation District would like to thank Mayor Halandras and town manager Lisa Cook for the support the town of Meeker provided. We would also like to thank the Lodging Tax District board of directors for their contribution as well.

An extra special thanks to the great volunteers who care about the river and made our effort a success!

The importance of a healthy river and meeting the future water challenges we face is essential to our community and we hope this cleanup effort encourages greater awareness of how important a healthy White River is to us all.

Shawn Welder 

White River Alliance