Letter: Thanks for climate op-ed piece

Dear Editor:
I would like to thank and congratulate you, the editor of the Herald Times, for featuring the op-ed in your Jan. 10 edition regarding climate change.
As someone from the Midwest, just trying to make his way to the SF Bay Area while dodging the weather, I noticed the topic on the front page of your paper while waiting for my wife to get out of the rest room at a gas station in Dinosaur, Colo. I confess I bought a copy, thoroughly expecting something along the lines of a denial of the clear and present science behind climate change, or at least a claim that “the science is still unclear” on the subject.
I was so heartened to find, instead, a clear and convincing column on not only why the science is real, but also about how quickly we must act if we want to avoid a world-wide catastrophe.
I have no idea what your other readers think of the column, but I, for one, applaud you.
And you can feel free to print that.
P.S. While it wasn’t specifically mentioned in the op-ed, your readers might also be interested to know about an issue (and piece of evidence) much closer to home—what’s happening to Glacier National Park:  https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/05/24/climate/mapping-50-years-of-ice-loss-in-glacier-national-park.html
Mike Bennett
LaValle, Wisc.