Letter: Thanks from Classic Board

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Caitlin Walker | Herald Times

Dear Editor:

With the 2019 Meeker Classic in the books, it’s fitting to send out a big kudos to the community for pulling off an outstanding event.  These things don’t just happen—it takes the efforts of volunteers, sponsors, business owners, civic groups and so many more to orchestrate such an event. The community of Meeker is the catalyst that brings it all together. Over the years, the Meeker Classic has grown from the ground up by the hard work and dedication of countless community volunteers. Each year thousands of visitors flock to Meeker to celebrate the sport of sheepdog trials, the beautiful country and our vibrant community.

We have much to be proud of here in Meeker—a handler phrased it well in a comment to us:  “Many thanks to all of your volunteers for their work and their courtesy.  You all continue to keep Meeker as the standard to which any trial might aspire to meet, and you remind us all why Meeker itself is such an exceptional place.  The country is beautiful and so are the people.”

Visitors and handlers are in awe of what you accomplish—it’s no small feat to complete year in and year out for 33 years.  A grand showcase of our youth, our spirit and our area—the success of the Meeker Classic rests with each of you.

Please take a moment and look around at the many blessings we have in this community.  What may seem commonplace to us signifies so much more to those that visit the Meeker Classic.  This event intertwines sheepdog trials, education, culture and trade into a weeklong showcase of volunteerism, sportsmanship and friendship.  This is what brings people back year after year.

Thank you for all that you’ve done over the years.

The Meeker Classic

Board of Directors