{Letter} Thanks from the Meeker Classic

Dear Editor:
A special thanks to you and the staff at the Herald Times for your coverage of our community events and support of the Meeker Classic. We appreciate all you do for the community.
There are 14 unsung heroes who volunteer countless hours during the year and the week of the Meeker Classic. Their hard work and dedication builds the foundation upon which a successful event arises each year. Not enough can be said about the Meeker Classic board of directors and their commitment to their community. Each of them takes a task, tackles it as their own and makes it work. We all owe these folks a big thank you for their selfless gift of time and energy to the Meeker Classic:
Chairman – Bruce Clatterbaugh
Vice Chair – Regas Halandras
Secretary/Treasurer – Kindal Nay
Executive Committee and Vendor Coordinator – Crystal Roberts
Executive Committee, Publicity and Education – Carly Thomson
Executive Committee and Logistics – Bernie Gantt
Tickets and Gate – Jessica Browning and Keely Winger
Art Show – Sarah Grimes and Kari Jo Ruchti
Souvenirs – Natalie Harvey
Parking – Roger Hall
Concessions and Chamber Rep – Trudy Burri
Rules Committee – Jackie Klinglesmith
Thanks again,
Maym Cunningham