Letter: Thanks to Linda Farney

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Dear Editor:
I’d like to publicly thank Rangely Animal Control Officer Linda Farney. As our neighbor, she has for years helped us with any issue we’ve brought to her attention. I had always known she went above and beyond in her job, but the gift to our family of the most perfect rescue cat is just the icing on the cake.
Each day as my daughter walked by her house for work, she would inquire of Linda about any stray cats she might know about. Grace was making inquiries for a while apart from my knowledge. Grace was also very specific: old, orange, and sweet. (She knows I have a penchant for such cats and had lost my best companion a few years ago.) One day, Grace came home and asked if Linda could stop by and talk to me about a possible cat. I was dubious. A bad cat is rough. But I agreed and a few days later I learned that this cat fit all my requirements. She brought him over on a Friday, and everyone instantly fell in love with him. I named him Mr. Putter after our favorite children’s picture book series, Mr. Putter and Tabby by Cynthia Rylant.
When shelters everywhere are overrun with animals who need a good home, we just can’t believe our luck. When Mr. Putter’s owner had to go to Eagle Crest, Mr. Putter was hungry for affection. Now he is overwhelmed with it, and if we don’t keep him in his own space at night he will visit each family member in their bed with a gentle swat of his paw to ask for it. If that’s the worst we can say about him, I’ll take it. He’s an old fella but we’ll be sure to make his last years full of joy because that’s what he’s giving us.
Thank you, Linda, for all you do!
Julie Noyes