Letter: Thoughts on election, Rangely coverage

 Dear Editor:

Who is Donald Moskowitz of Londonderry N.H.? and What the heck does he know about Colorado? In a small way I think we could use a president with the likes of Mr. Johnson, but he isn’t on the ballot, and even if he were and you vote for him it would be a vote for Hillary. Please don’t throw your vote away. Vote smart. Next: “Just the facts ma’am.” After reading your article I now know why Rangely is just a thought when it comes to the news. Ah yes, you don’t have a reporter here but that shouldn’t stop you from getting police reports and such. We do have phone service here and our town people will answer it. And keep in mind Rangely has the only stoplight in the county, so we count. Your paper has never reported the news like who was arrested and what did the cops do and if we wanted where the crashes were… you know things that interest people. A lesson in history, we can get it at the library. Anyway that’s my thoughts.

Edward Ballegeer


EDITOR’S NOTE: Gary Johnson is on the presidential ballot this year. Sample ballots are printed in the classifieds this week.