Letter: Tiller should have faced murder charge

The shooting of the abortionist doctor George Tiller has a lot of irony. The man who shot him is charged with murder, and rightfully so, he killed a man. However, Dr. George Tiller, who, by his own admission, performed over 60,000 abortions and was not charged with murder. No matter how you try to twist it around or somehow justify it — abortion is nothing less than murder. Taking the life of an unborn baby is murder and it is wrong.
Some people have different ideas about abortion, some saying a baby is not a human being until it is born. They are wrong in this thinking. The truth is that a human being is created at the moment of conception. If you don’t agree, then I challenge you to search the literature or the Internet and see the attributes a human fetus has at the different weeks of development. You will see that early in life the fetus has a heartbeat and the genetic make-up of how and what the baby will be when born.
Dr. Tiller’s abortion clinic was noted for doing late-term abortions — after 22 weeks of development and growth. After 22 weeks, the baby fetus is a perfectly functioning human being. Dr. Tiller also admitted to performing abortions as late as the day before the baby was due to be born — and this murderer was allowed to freely walk the streets and continue his practice. He should have been charged with murder, plain and simple.
What is sad is that the people of America accept abortion and even praise murderers like George Tiller for the work he did. People need to wake up and speak up against the wrongs of society; one of which is the murdering of thousands of unborn babies.
Claude Wood

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