Letter: Time running out for Iran

Recently the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency, who thoroughly investigated the Iranian nuclear development program, concluded Iran is developing nuclear weapons. The evidence, including satellite images, overwhelmingly points to the manufacture of nuclear weapons within the short term, probably on the order of a number of months to a year. U.S. intelligence information corroborates this assessment.
The prospect of a nuclear armed Iran, along with the capability to deliver the nuclear weapons via missile systems, poses a threat to the Middle East and Europe. Iran will be able to strike other Arab countries, Israel and parts of Europe.
Other totalitarian countries with nuclear weapons, like North Korea, China, Russia and Pakistan, have respect for the capabilities of opposing forces armed with nuclear weapons. They know retaliation will be swift and comprehensive to a nuclear attack.
Unfortunately, Iran is governed by irrational leaders who live in a closed society cut off from reality, and who believe in the use of military force to achieve their aims.
Sanctions and diplomacy have not worked to deter belligerent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. The countdown to prevent Iran from possibly launching nuclear attacks is approaching action time by threatened powers in the Middle East.
Donald A. Moskowitz
Londonderry, N.H.