Letter: To the citizens of Meeker, Eastern RBC

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Dear Editor,
This is an open letter to the residents of Meeker and Eastern Rio Blanco County.
The Rio Blanco Fire Protection District Board in Meeker, would like to inform the taxpayers what is happening with the Meeker Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department.
As a board, we looked into building a new fire house, but discovered it would cost millions of dollars to do this. With relocating the firehouse, buying new property and the response time for our volunteers, the board decided to make improvements to the current firehouse location instead. The fire district also purchased the old Rocky Mountain Bowstrings building next door. We added some new doors and remodeled the inside to park vehicles that were being parked outside.
After looking at all the concrete sidewalks and driveways, the board discovered that due to cracks, crumbling of concrete and unevenness it all needed to be replaced.
A geo-tech firm was hired to deal with soil testing and the concrete replacement tests. Proposals from several contractors were received and the board of directors chose a local contractor to do the work.
As many can see, the work has begun. With weather permitting, it should be complete by mid-September.
The fire district will be asking for more proposals, via the Herald Times, for more work to be done to the firehouse for future improvements. Those improvement will include window replacements, new siding or stucco and lots of painting.
These improvements may not get done this year and will be completed in 2014.
If any member of the public has any questions, feel free to contact the board.
Board meetings are held the second Thursday of each month at the Fire Department Board Room at 6 p.m.
Thank you,
Rio Blanco Fire Protection
Board of Directors