Letter to the Editor: A sigh of relief now that prom is over

Dear Editor:
Before I make my sigh of relief that the 2013 Rangely High School prom is finally over, I would like to say my last thank you.
First, I would like to thank everyone who worked concessions this year to help earn money for Class of 2014 expenses. There were 25 concessions the junior class worked this year and several concessions we worked from previous years. Together, the junior class students and parents worked 410 hours.
Kymberlie Hemphill worked 68 hours along with coordinating volunteers to work concessions and my mom worked 70 hours in concessions. Thank you to Mrs. Wanstedt for all the work she has done for concessions and to Ms. Varco, who worked more than her share of concessions this year. We appreciate Ms. Meeker and Mrs. Sizemore for all their fundraisers at the school for our class.
Next, I would like to thank all the volunteers who made prom possible. Diane Sizemore spent countless hours cleaning tarps, organizing and decorating for prom; we don’t know what we would have done without her. The Rector Family, Eric Striegel and my dad helped make prom decorations, David Cassavaugh and several junior class dads and boys hung up tarps, the Scogginses allowed us to use their lighting/computer system, and Al with the Rio Blanco Water District let us use their Christmas star.
Many volunteers helped us decorate for prom and special thanks go out to Kamilee Jorgenson, Ms. Davis, Emily Cassavaugh and Coach Bottelberghe. I would also like to thank Mr. Swenson, Mrs. Cushman and the Carlson’s for all the work on the floor tarps, which made prom possible at the high school.
The Junior Class Prom Committee consisted of Mandy Duong, McKale Pennell, Chelsea Ficken, Kymberlie Hemphill, Aimee Hogan, Kyrstin Hoggatt and Tessa Slagle. I appreciate all the help and time the committee donated to making prom successful and our class sponsors — Ms. Meeker and Mr. Brunton — for being at every Prom Committee meeting and always helping out.
Thank you to Jeff LeBleu who announced at prom — you have such a great voice. A special thanks to Ms. Alexis Wiley who sang ‘Love Story’ by Taylor Swift for the first dance, you were awesome and made the 2013 RHS prom very special.
Thank you to all the junior class parents who made food and chaperoned the dance: Phan Duong, Annette Trottier, Sharon Heinle, Stephanie Hogan, Leslie Nielsen, Carla Slagle and Debbie Ficken. Thank you to Tracy Enterline and The Kinneys, who came and took pictures and videotaped the Grand March and dance.
Thank you to all the students who bought prom tickets this year. Part of your ticket money was sent to Boden Petersburg to help with his medical expenses. Also, thank you to the community for the donations to Boden.
After seven months of planning for prom, I am excited it is finally finished. I have learned so much from this experience. Thank you to everyone who made prom possible this year and the wonderful support of our community!
Carla Slagle
Rangely High School