Letter to the Editor: A Somewhat Different Opinion

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Dear Editor:

As I read the Letters to the Editor in last week’s paper it seemed pretty obvious to me there were several people who seemed to think our county health director is our savior from the big nasty CV and the county commissioners are evil and mean to her. Well I have a somewhat different opinion and am quite sure some people will disagree with me and that is fine. As the old saying goes opinions are like a part of our body that everyone has one of so I am going to share my opinion. First I want to thank the County Commissioners and our Sheriff for having the intestinal fortitude to stand up for the citizens of our county against Polis and his dictator type policies pertaining to this so called deadly virus and allow us the freedom to choose what we feel is best for ourselves and our family. (The last report I saw was there have been two deaths in the county associated with CV). After attending several County Commissioner meetings and reading about Miss Harvey it seemed pretty obvious to me she doesn’t seem to care what her bosses (the commissioners) wanted and she was going to follow what the state directives were. I can assure you as a former business owner and serving as Mayor and on several different boards if an employee treated me that way they would be unemployed. I feel she has done everything in her power to delay the opening of businesses, schools and private gatherings in our county to appease the state health dept. regardless of what the commissioners had requested.

I am glad to see that the vaccine is available to the citizens who want it and sincerely hope nobody has any serious side effects from it. Personally I have no intention of ever taking the shot. It would be nice if the people who think the shot is so important would have the common courtesy to quit trying to shame us who choose not to get the shot or wear a face diaper. If those things work as well as you say they do you should be safe and I will be to. I remember almost a year ago when Fauci and the government said if we would shelter in place for two weeks it would flatten the curve and we would be fine. Well I see now some SO CALLED experts are saying that a third shot might be necessary and you need to wear TWO masks. I can hardly wait until next week to see what new flavor of koolaid they will try to sell us. As long as people are willing to act like blind sheep and follow every new directive this will NEVER end. One last thing, I think if Miss Harvey would follow the policies put forth by the commissioners instead of trying to appease the state it would make for a better working environment for everyone involved.

Frank Huitt

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