Letter to the Editor: A thank you poem from the Lansings

Dear Editor:
Attached is a poem that expresses our gratitude for the help we received after a recent fire on our property burned two of outbuildings. Please include it in the newspaper this week.

Too numerous to count
Are the benefits of living
In a small town like ours
Where folks are so giving.

We had a calamity
That required a lot
Of assistance from others
Which is just what we got.

The police came a knocking
In the middle of the night
Saying, hey, look folks
Things are not looking right.

The fire department responded
As quick as could be
The ambulance showed up
To make sure of safety.

Moon Lake came to check
How they could help out
Our electricity was toast
They could fix it, no doubt.

Ducey’s Electric was here
Early the next day
Ensuring by nightfall
We could light our way.

Our neighbors, the Castos
Came over to share
Their concern and support
And offer their care.

In the big scheme of things
It was not a huge deal
But then, in the moment
It seemed far too real.

Thanks to all who assisted.
We are proud to be part
Of the small town that has
A very big heart!!!

Mary and Tom Lansing