Letter to the Editor: Amick announces retirement in 2015

Dear Editor:
This is an open letter to all Rio Blanco County voters.
Jan. 13, 2015, will mark the end of my sixth term as Rio Blanco County Clerk, a position I’ve been honored to serve in over the past 23 years. I do want to let the voters of Rio Blanco County know that I will not be seeking another term.
The time has come to focus my time and attention on my dear family and friends.
Please know that I appreciate the confidence that you, the voters, have placed in me. I could not have asked for a more interesting and stimulating job that has tested my strength and challenged me in so many ways.
By far, the best benefit I have derived from being county clerk has been the day-to-day contact with the people of Rio Blanco County. The election judges I have had the privilege of working with are my heroes, returning each election to face long and stressful hours and whatever has been thrown to them by the Legislature, willing to do whatever it takes to make our democratic process work. You are an amazing group and I will miss you.
I have been impressed by the commissioners, my fellow elected officials, department heads and county employees; the tough decisions they face and the integrity they bring to local government. Above all, I am forever indebted to my dedicated staff. They have stood beside me through dreaded changes and challenges, long and demanding hours and many a “hair-on-fire” crisis. I admire their commitment to serving each citizen and fully know that this job could never be accomplished without them.
From the start, I have been proud to call Rio Blanco County my home, but these past years as county clerk have given me the opportunity to discover the truly amazing collection of wonderful and diverse people who make up this county. I would not have wanted to serve anywhere else.
So, in this last year, please be assured that I will continue to work to maintain your confidence in the office operations and the election processes.
Thank you for giving me these six terms with so many amazing experiences and treasured memories.
Nancy R. Amick
Rio Blanco County Clerk