Letter to the Editor: An old-fashioned Christmas

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Dear Editor:
This is an open letter to your readers on having an old-fashioned Christmas season.

In such a modern and technology-driven world, nothing can beat celebrating the Christmas season the old-fashioned way. These old-fashioned ideas are simple and economical, but they are also fun and memorable.
Of course, including family and friends is the most important part. After that, traditional customs and your own imagination can make the season of giving a special one.
Making your own Christmas presents is always a nice sentiment. You can almost guarantee that your gifts will be unique, and nobody will duplicate them. Whatever you make won’t be available at the local Walmart.
There is also something special about the time and effort that goes into making your gifts. Your homemade items will have extra meaning, and people will sincerely appreciate it. You may even learn some new skills while making your presents, and the new skills will help you in gift-giving for many years.
Another old-fashioned idea is to create a traditional feel in your home. Pick a night and turn off the computer, television and lights. Sit with your loved ones by candle light and the glow of the Christmas tree and enjoy hot cider, cookies and other holiday treats.
All of you could take turns telling about your favorite Christmas memory, or someone could read from the Book of Luke. To further enjoy the Christmas spirit, go outside and sing Christmas carols under the light of the moon and the stars.
Everyone could sing while looking inside at the Christmas tree and the glow of the candles. Afterwards, go back inside and warm up with some hot chocolate. This will bring a smile to even the biggest scrooge.
You can also spread the Christmas spirit to your neighbors. Walk around your neighborhood and personally deliver Christmas cards. Give your neighbors a smile and a personal holiday greeting. You can even include a small treat bag with your Christmas cards. The treat bags would be even nicer if you included your very own homemade goodies. Your neighbors would appreciate your effort, and you might even make their day. The smiles on their faces would be thanks enough.
Even a little bit of technology has made its way into an old-fashioned Christmas. Gather around with your loved ones and watch holiday classics such as It’s a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street, or A Christmas Story. These great films have aged nicely, and they are still fun to watch year after year. Many youngsters would actually be seeing these classics for the very first time.
An old-fashioned Christmas game can add to your fun even more. Make a circle with your family and friends. Get a small ball, beanbag or other small object. Toss the object randomly to people in the circle. When someone catches the object, they have a split second to say a word that relates to Christmas. If they can’t think of one, then they sit out. The last person standing is the winner. Both adults and children can enjoy this simple game.
Naturally, nothing is more traditional during the Christmas season than thinking of others. You can meet with family and friends and combine as much food as you can. Then, load up the food and take it to a food bank. The food bank would be excited to see such a big donation, and you can make a big difference in people’s lives and spread more Christmas cheer.
Christmas is such a beautiful time of the year, but it can come and go quickly. Don’t forget to stop and spend time with the people you love. And with some creativity and a few traditional ideas, you can enjoy the pleasures of an old-fashioned Christmas.
Blair Bryant
Granite Falls, N.C.