Letter to the Editor: Apology to CNCC, Rangely School District for criticism

Dear Editor:
In the April 20, 2000, issue of the Herald Times, I wrote a letter criticizing Colorado Northwestern Community College and Rangely School District for scheduling the production of two children’s plays concurrently, which I said made participating in both impossible.
I wrote this without consulting anyone, including the college, the school district or even my parents to understand if this was a valid complaint (it wasn’t, as the rehearsal schedules were separate).
I was 13-years-old, frustrated that I hadn’t also been involved in CNCC’s play since I had so enjoyed Rangely School District’s week-long musical intensive with Missoula Children’s Theatre.
Even though I was barely a teenager at the time, I feel I still owe an apology to CNCC and the Rangely School District for my groundless, public criticism.
More importantly, I was guilty of ingratitude. Any theater opportunities in rural areas are rare, especially for home-schooled kids from Skull Creek, Colorado.
I also want to say thank you to the Rangely School District. Acting in some of your plays helped inspire me to pursue my love of writing and filmmaking, which has led me now to be in postproduction for my first feature film, “The Screenwriters.”
My experiences in Rangely’s children’s musicals are among some of my favorite childhood memories. Thank you for having provided these fantastic opportunities, and I hope others remember them as fondly as I do.
Peter Forbes
Round Hill, Va.