Letter to the Editor: Back of Justice Center really looks like hell

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Dear Editor:
In the Herald Times two weeks ago, there were several letters about the new Rio Blanco County Justice Center. Well, one of them criticized how the front entrance looked “like Hell.” I say to this, have you walked around and looked at the back of the building? Now that is what looks like “Hell.”

I think the new Justice Center has reduced our property value by 50 percent. I cry when I think this is what we have to look at.
Our view is gone of the L07 mountain, beautiful trees at the cemetery and the Mesa road with cattle in the meadows. In exchange, we get this windowless awful building. Isn’t it great to have this right in the middle of our little town.
I well remember when the townspeople dedicated the old grade school. We were all so proud of that building. We had a new school and after going to school all over town it was a miracle
Someone took pictures of every grade. I was starting the sixth grade and Goldie Stephenson was my teacher.
Now, they have managed to tear down most of it and gutted the rest. I have had more than one good carpenter tell me how well made the old school was and that it should have been preserved.
Last summer, the Class of 1964 had a reunion. They used a Meeker High School bus to tour the town. When they went by the old school being torn down they all said, “boo!”
My feeling is exactly the same. Boo!
This excuse that they had to have this new building for more jail space that met code and two courtrooms is foolishness.
Norma Oldland