Letter to the Editor: Board commended for highlighting needs

Dear Editor:
In response to the article regarding the Rangely school board and superintendent agreement I would like to commend the school board for highlighting four areas of need in our district and charging our superintendent to work specifically on them. After graduation success, parent involvement, communication and district unity are all vital parts of a successful school district. I hope however that our school board and superintendent will remember to keep a high level of focus on increased academic achievement for our students. Our dismal scores are not going to improve without specific effort. Of course district unity, communication and parent involvement all play a big role in the academic success of students; however I believe as a district we also must raise our standards of what we expect from our students in the classroom before we will ever see them improve. Let’s challenge our kids to do better instead of constantly lowering our standards. I am happy to see the school district taking a step in the right direction and hope that we will see some real benefits from this year’s goals.
Jennifer Hill