Letter to the Editor: Both candidates for sheriff were tops; Joos will be missed

Dear Editor:
In most elections, the choice between candidates is easy.

One candidate is good; the other isn’t. In some elections the options are poor. One either holds one’s nose then pulls the lever; or one chooses not to vote at all.
Rarely does one face a ballot on which both candidates are worthy.
Mike Joos vs. Anthony Mazzola. Both are eminently qualified to be sheriff via years of intense, comprehensive training and successful experience. Both have decades of 24/7 service to this community/county — for no one in firefighting, soldiering or law enforcement is really “off duty.” Both are willing to face bullet, blade and bludgeon so that we don’t have to.
I am fully confident that Anthony will ably fill the shoes of his competent, courageous predecessors.
(By the way, have you ever wanted to meet someone who actively, willingly pursued a job that pays less yet guarantees a 10-fold increase of responsibility? Then shake hands with Anthony Mazzola.)
I also hope that Mike remains in our community in a law enforcement capacity. I say this not because we would miss his sharp humor or his one-man crusade that local restaurants remain in the black. If Mike stays we will be safer and better for it.
Steve Balloga