Letter to the Editor: Carbondale man challenges Tipton

Dear Editor:
I email you to announce my candidacy for Congress in Colorado’s third congressional district. I run to truly annihilate Islamic terror and to reclaim our Constitutional heritage.

But in essence, I don’t think we can defeat radical Islam without radically reshaping our relationship with Saudi Arabia, the world’s No. 1 state sponsor of terror. And I don’t think it made much sense to fight the Revolutionary War only to replace one monstrous central authority in London with another in Washington, D.C.
Yet career politicians like Scott Tipton act as if Congress should be a new British monarchy, voting, for example, on the Every Student Succeeds Act despite there being nothing in the Constitution granting Congress the power to regulate education.
As to who I am, I grew up for high school in the Roaring Fork Valley, close to Glenwood Springs in a small town called Carbondale. I left for college in Chicago and Law School in Maine, but now I’m back, desperate to shake things up in Washington.
Alex Beinstein