Letter to the Editor: Caution on offers to print grant deeds, assessment profiles

Dear Editor:
We have heard from several people in the community who have received solicitations from a company called Record Transfer Services. They are offering a copy of your current Grant Deed and Property Assessment Profile.

In the letter they put in a date for a Requested Response Date making it look like you must reply by a certain time. And they charge $83 for the report.
We would like the community to know that this information is readily available at the County Assessor’s and Clerk and Recorder’s offices for a very minimal charge (25 cents per page for recorded documents). The Property Assessment Profile is available at the Assessor’s Office or online on the county website for no charge at all.
If you have difficulty obtaining this information at the clerk’s or assessor’s office, this company would be happy to assist you at no charge at all.
The $83 charge that Recorded Transfer Services is making is totally out of line and unnecessary.
Dean Hubbell
Rio Blanco County Abstract Co.