Letter to the Editor: Charging stations won’t be very helpful

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Dear Editor:

It is a very fraught thing to say you are going to provide charging stations for electric cars.

Do you think WREA or even you understand that every darn electric car needs its own charging plug? That’s right, every manufacturer has their very own plug requirements. 

I wonder how this is remotely helpful to the car industry selling electric cars?

I learned this with my son in LA when we had to go to a public charging station and wait until our plug became available. 

I think maybe the WREA is premature.

Bill Levy


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  1. Bloomberg New Energy Finance forecast in 2018 that EV sales worldwide would increase from 1.1 million in 2017 to 11 million in 2025; by 2040, 55 percent of all new car sales will be electric. The price of EV batteries is also predicted to fall from above $1,000 per kilowatt in 2015 to $100 per kW by 2020.

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