Letter to the Editor: Clarifying statement regarding honesty, road

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Dear Editor:
I need to clarify a statement that I made at the Rangely Town Council meeting on Jan. 13. This message will go to all town employees, Mike and Tracy Hayes and the Rangely Town Council. This email will remain on public record as part of our town council meeting of Jan. 13, 2015.

I was quoted in the Rio Blanco Herald Times of Thursday, Jan. 22, 2015, as saying, “There has been no honesty on both sides; you didn’t follow the agreement,” which is out of context, I will explain this later. My comment was in response to Tracy Hayes’ comment, which is also quoted in the paper, “This has not been an honest project”…
I apologize to the Town of Rangely, the employees, and the town council that my statement came out that way. I thought I had said that there may have been no honesty on all sides, which still wouldn’t have been a good statement.
I did go on to explain my position that there were misunderstandings and some contention through the project and that for me, there was now a trust issue with the Hayeses because they didn’t follow the agreement the town had with them.
I didn’t intend to state there was dishonest activity from any of our town employees—because there are none I am aware of. I was just using the same language that Tracy Hayes had used in my response to her. It just came out all wrong…
I also apologize to Mike and Tracy Hayes because my statement says that they had no honesty in the project; which I would interpret as zero honesty and I am sure they also interpreted it that way. There were communication misunderstandings and some contentious moments through this project, but the Hayes’ did not conduct this project dishonestly. However, the Hayeses did choose to break a contractual agreement by not following the agreed specifications of the dirt roads in the subdivision.
I believe the Hayeses feel they have constructed a good road; a road that doesn’t have the mud and will last.
Longevity and no mud was probably a goal, which I don’t blame them for wanting, but I feel the Hayes’ should have consulted with the Town of Rangely prior to changing this agreed-upon specification. I felt that the town had sound advice through consulting with our road crew, the Rio Blanco County road crew and county engineer in that we learned the road constructed would not work, that the rock/gravel would just roll off the sides and that the road would be a nightmare to maintain.
I really hope the road proves to be the road the Hayes’ say it is; in two to three years, if that is the case, I feel the town council needs to revisit the idea of accepting the road.
So, holding off the acceptance of the road for two to three is where I personally had hoped this would go, and I still hope we can do that. But, as of now, the road is being privatized.
The meeting on Jan. 13 was heated, as the paper stated.
The frustration on both sides was evident. I felt the communication in previous meetings from the council was clear in stating that the road would not be accepted as constructed and that we would look to accept the road once it was repaired. I do believe that it was disingenuous to intimate that “this has not been an honest project.”
I hope this clears up my intent and explains how my statement came about. I do sincerely apologize to all who I may have offended. I do want the Town of Rangely to succeed and grow and pray that all of our businesses can survive the very low oil prices.
Lisa Hatch
Town Trustee
Town of Rangely