Letter to the Editor: Clearing up question of authorship

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Dear Editor:
Thank you for publishing the article which you placed as a letter to the editor in your April 16 issue headed “Letter from a pilot on Germanwings tragedy.”

For clarification, I did not write this as a letter to the editor. However I forwarded an article published on LinkedIn by and written by Erika Armstrong, who is a pilot, author, aviation recruiter/analyst and editor, with her permission to you.
She published this under “A Letter From Your Pilot: the Germanwings Tragedy,” and I asked her permission to reprint it in the Rio Blanco Herald Times.
I have long supported women in aviation and she is eminently qualified as an airline pilot and writer.
I felt that her summary of the difference of background and training required of United States airlines was well contrasted against some foreign carriers and that it would be of interest to your readers.
Thanks for printing this to give her proper credit for its content. Anyone who is interested in re-reading it can do so at disciplesofflight.com/letter-from-your-pilot-germanwings-tragedy/
David Cole
Cole Aviation Consulting