Letter to the Editor: Compassion, courage and kindness

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Dear Editor:
My dad, Bill Moss, has lived in Rangely for a while now. He is elderly, receives the great Meals on Wheels and lives alone. For the past several weeks to month we were unable to get anyone to help fix his furnace.
He was becoming ill, confused, and although his family and kind neighbor Joe encouraged him to come live in Loma he absolutely refused. We were out of options with no assistance in sight. He wouldn’t go to the hospital, and didn’t qualify for social services or mental health assistance. But Roy Kinney and Officer Hood had the compassion, courage and kindness to gently encourage him to come with family for the winter.
Thanks to Roy Kinney, Officer Hood and the Rangely Police department for stepping up and helping us bring Pop home for Christmas. Thanks to the volunteers at Meals on Wheels and Pop’s neighbor, Joe Ingram, for everything.
Dorothy Stoner
Loma, Colo.