Letter to the Editor: Concerned about a variety of issues

Dear Editor:
Your most recent post regarding the Doc Bob drama and some other miscellaneous town actions really lit my fuse and, I’m sorry to say, it’s had me thinking…

We all know anyone, to include contractor’s dealing with the Meeker School District’s “asbestos” problem, is not a reputable source.
Let me reference the actual exaggerations made within the district’s initial concern over the elementary school and the construction of the new facility over refurbishing the previous. (Why are there no stories citing their disregard of the greater good and better sense of finance?)
Now! We can all enjoy the new jail, which will house the very few detainees that aren’t already held in Rifle’s or Glenwood’s new jails (two last time I checked) simply to create a town seemingly built around a failing penal system.
Doc Bob has been and continues to be a great teacher and wonderful influence to our youth that should never have had to cope with the scrutiny our town put him under, and your tax funding issues are a joke.
Gas production that still could flourish has literally let our town fail because of your BS policies/taxes that have successfully killed our main source of revenue without care and blatant disregard of the structure/functionality of our small business.
Every legitimate non-federal enterprise that has tried to support the community has been left out to dry and left. May there be no end to my frustrations with your politics and blatant disregard for individual dispositions within the confines of that town.
I love Meeker, but, articles like this, the Piper incident (completely blown out of proportion and ruined a family’s reputation in a few disgusting strokes) and many others make me sad and need to be addressed appropriately.
It seems as though fingers are pointed at individuals instead of simply implying that our system is broken and needs a change for the better.
Please refute my claims, but be sure to fact check and simply ask around. It will be worth your time to investigate, I promise you.
Benjamin Gerloff