Letter to the Editor: Conservation District board member explains resignation

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Dear Editor:
On May 12, 2014, I resigned my position as a board member of the White River Conservation District.

The White River Conservation District is a political extension of state government that represents land owners and is supported by the taxpayers with a mil levy and presently has a budget of approximately $250,000 annually.
As a non-paid volunteer and public servant, I joined the organization to make a difference and to try to affect a change in making our government more efficient. I feel like I owe it to the taxpayers of this county I’ve represented for the last four years to give the reasons for my resignation.
During our April board meeting, I was criticized by a fellow board member for questioning an apparent overcharge made to the White River Conservation District. I believe my first responsibility as a board member is to the taxpayers of this county. Therefore, I could no longer continue serving as a board member and overlook such discrepancies.
Leonard Thompson