Letter to the Editor: Conservatives restore greatness of U.S.

Dear Editor:
Our grandchildren and great-grandchildren are going to ask, “Grampy, Grammy, why did you do this to us?”
They’ll be talking about our nation’s debt passed on to them. How could this happen to a great nation such as ours?
The answer lies with gutless politicians who care more about getting re-elected than about what is best for our country.
How do we get out of the mess we are in? Not by taxing the rich (or the poor).
Two actions need to be taken. First, the size and cost of the federal government must be reduced.
Agencies which have proven to be of little benefit must be abolished. The Department of Education, Department of Energy, Department of Commerce and others fall into this category. Also, agencies such as the Federal Highway Administration, which spends billions passing federal gas tax money back to states from whom it is collected. Eliminate the federal gas tax and have the states collect their own money.
Second, economic growth must be encouraged by elimination of many federal governmental regulations that are blocking the full development of our energy resources. Despite what some shallow-sighted letter writers are saying about new coal mines, coal and natural gas offers us the opportunity to develop energy exporting industries that would solve our problem with balance of payments to foreign countries and create thousands of good-paying jobs.
There are many ways to eliminate dusty roads and I have yet to see a train trailing a cloud of dust. Approve the Keystone pipeline!
Voting true conservatives into political offices will restore the greatness of our country.
Dick Prosence