Letter to the Editor: County needs fiscal stability

Dear Editor:
As a proud resident of Rio Blanco County and a resident of northwest Colorado for 59 years, I would like to encourage those of us who are tired of having to be politically correct regardless of the situation… Hence we have now arrived at having our town’s future jeopardized as a result of a ruling over our coal mining industry.

Our agriculture industry, too, has been threatened by situations involving the EPA. It is happening slowly but surely.
I am no expert in any of these areas, but sometimes one can’t help remembering the good old days, when life was much more simple and less complicated. We seemed to have more freedoms at that time than we do now.
Do you remember the days when people gave you their word of honor with a hand shake and you could believe them?
Let us hope that our Rio Blanco County can maintain its coal production and we can hope to become more economically stable in the process! Also let us not forget to remember that truth, honesty, honor, loyalty, freedom of religion and belief in God and country are still part of our national heritage.
Marilynn Whiteman