Letter to the Editor: Cox takes on Tipton for seat in Congress

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Dear Editor:
Longtime Republican activist and former Republican Colorado House District 54 candidate David Cox announced his run for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District on Saturday in Grand Junction.
“I am running to end the corruption of our federal government and return to the state a focused and controlled constitutional government.
Our federal government is out of control. Our representatives disregard and disrespect the law of the land by ignoring or assisting in criminality while fudging the rules that have protected us and allowed us to prosper.
We must send a representative to Washington, D.C., who will demand that our Constitution be respected so that the prosperous and free society we enjoy will be renewed and strengthened. The hour is late and we must begin the renewal process as soon as possible.
“I am willing to stand up and be a strong voice for real free markets, state’s rights, a constitutionally limited federal union, sound money, secured borders and strong military defense.
I’ll work with other like-minded representatives and begin the careful process of eliminating the massive cronyism and criminality at work in our Capital as we move America forward with equality under law, individual responsibility, fidelity of contract and respect for private property‒the foundation that has given us the opportunity to live free and prosper.”
For more information, email me at jaimejcox@gmail.com
David Cox
Grand Junction