Letter to the Editor: CRED: Oil, gas work together for safety

Dear Editor:
For more than 60 years the oil and natural gas industries have worked closely with local community leaders to ensure fracking exists safely alongside Colorado’s communities and environment.
And with more than 10,000 oil and natural gas wells drilled in western Colorado in the past 10 years, this community partnership remains stronger than ever. And we hope to see that continue.
In fact, one of my favorite organizations, Community Counts, provides tools to strengthen communication between oil and natural gas companies and Coloradan communities. And many Colorado energy companies have joined Community Counts to do just that, to communicate with their neighbors across Colorado.
By listening and responding to Coloradans’ concerns, these industry members strive to balance the economic and social benefits of energy production with the impact of operations on the environment.
Because in the end, oil and natural gas workers call Colorado home too. Like you, they strive to keep Colorado safe and prosperous for generations to come.
Jon Haubert
Coloradans for Responsible
Energy Development (CRED)