Letter to the Editor: Deadline May 31 on BLM travel and transportation maps

Dear Editor:
If you like to use motor vehicles, bicycle or hike around on BLM land, I want to remind everyone reviewing the Travel and Transportation inventory maps that the BLM is requesting comment by May 31—just three days away.

Get involved now because this will not come around again for a long time! If you have any questions you can call the BLM at 878-3800 for the location of the maps, etc.
At the very least, I highly recommend folks request additional time if they haven’t taken the time to look at what’s been inventoried to date. I’ve been reviewing the maps with a few folks and we have found a few routes that have been missed.
That’s exactly the kind of information we need to be commenting on and providing to the BLM at this time. Again, the deadline is May 31. Hope to see you on the trails.
Melissa Kindall
BLM Range Technician
White River Field Office