Letter to the Editor: DI teams didn’t stumble at Globals

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Dear Editor:
It was wrong of you to write a headline stating that the Meeker DI teams stumbled at globals.
The teams were competing against people from around the world. This is not like state or regionals. There were 50-75 teams in each group and some of the teams have gone to globals every year they did DI.
We were up against the best of the best. There were 10,000 people competing and you think that because we did not get first or whatever that we stumbled. That was a rude thing to say when we tried our hardest.
We worked hard all school year to be ready to go to globals.
Our managers are people who volunteer their time to help us be ready to go. We all worked hard for four weeks to raise the money to pay for our teams to go.
I think you need to apologize to the teams and the people that were offended.
Tevin Pelloni
Team Member
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