Letter to the Editor: DI teams thankful for community support

Dear Editor:
At the beginning of the school year, we had nine teams participate in Meeker’s Destination Imagination program. Five of these teams went on to compete at the state tournament in Denver, and of those five, three teams placed high enough to qualify for the global competition in Tennessee.
Within our program we had done fundraising through the year in the hopes we could send a team to Tennessee, but never did we expect to have the honor of sending three teams.
We were then given the challenge of raising enough money to send these three teams in 1-1/2 months. Fortunately, we were successful due to many kind people and organizations in our community. We would like to thank XTO for their extremely generous donation of $10,000. In addition, we would like to thank the following people: WREA, the Fairfield Trust, BOCES, REDI Services, the county commissioners, White River Conservation District, Ma Famiglia’s, Marvine Ranch, Elk Creek Ranch, Rio Blanco Ranch, Rio Blanco Abstract Co., the Town of Meeker, Valley Repair, Clifton Firefighters, Sue Anderson, Dr. Chris Williams, the Striegels, Peggy Shults, Rio Blanco Ranch, Jerry Oldland, Trina Smith, Mary Grady, Sharon Day, Tom Kilduff, Corky Bradfield, Twila Morris, Patty Arrington, PEO, and Marilyn Whiteman.
We also appreciate the numerous individuals who donated to our cause during our concession stand/bake sale and bingo/dessert auction. Thank you to the organizations/people who gave us opportunities to raise money including the Meeker Recreation Center, Lions Club, BMS and Kris Casey.
This tournament was a wonderful opportunity for us to learn from the best, meet numerous individuals from around the world, and compete at the highest level.
Thank you,
The 7 Swinging Hammers
The Party of 7