Letter to the Editor: Don’t destroy elementary school

Dear Editor:
I am writing about the old Meeker elementary school in hopes that an intelligent decision will be made and political/personal reasons will not interfere with good judgment.
My family has been here since 1908 and has observed some of the great opportunities that have passed Meeker by.
1. Years ago, concrete curbs/gutters and sidewalks was an option. It was decided to do asphalt. Now the asphalt has deteriorated or is non-existent and 50 years later we still have no sidewalks. A poor decision because it cost too much? Think about how much it would cost now.
2. The town had the opportunity of having the junior college here. Meeker did not want college kids in OUR town, but it has worked out well for Rangely. Not a wise decision.
3. We had great drinking water in Meeker. The best in the state. The water came from the river, directly down from Trappers Lake (a huge spring), but someone decided it should come from a well. Now we have the worst tasting water ever and it is ruining dishwashers, pipes, glasses, everything it touches because of the hard lime and other minerals. Now everyone needs a water softener to save their appliances and dishes. A huge mistake!
4. Before building the new grade school, authorities were told about the poor soil conditions in that area. But, the school was built anyway by a company that did not have a good reputation and then needed much repair work (one year) before school could be resumed (the old school still stands proud in the middle of town). Cheap is not better — you get what you pay for.
5. It was time to build a new BLM facility, so let’s build it in a flood plain (real smart). Look at the problems that caused.
Let’s not make another unwise decision to tear down one of Meeker’s unique and beautiful buildings in the middle of our little town. Take the time to check out grants on asbestos removal (even I know these exist).
Look into assisted living and other options instead of tearing the school down and making another Meeker mistake because some people say we can’t afford it. Once it is gone, it is gone for good!
Asphalt may have been cheaper at the time, but look what you got: 50 to 60 years of crumbling curbs and still no sidewalks.
We have lousy water, no college, a school that was closed for repairs after one year (the old school still stands proudly), damage to the new BLM building, etc. How many mistakes before our public officials figure it out?
Thank goodness for the historical society getting involved and trying to save that beautiful red rock school house that matches the court house and the hospital. The center of town is the first thing visitors see when arriving here, and they comment on how attractive these buildings are.
Jan Hossack