Letter to the Editor: Eighty years and counting

Dear Editor:
Betsie Thompson, the closest daughter of five girls living in various places, was the head of a fabulous birthday party for me with all the girls and grandchildren helping to make my day on Dec. 15 something special.
I was presented with a large book which was a picture story from the 1930s up to date.
Betsie sent out hundreds of cards to family and friends, which included people who signed the guest register in years past.
I enjoyed all who came to visit and enjoy a very tasty cake and hors d’oeuvres being served.
Words cannot describe the joy that my family has been to me down through the years. My heartfelt thanks go to my daughters, grandchildren and great-grandchildren who helped in putting all this party together to make an unforgettable day for me.
The birthday book of 80 years will be on display in the lodge front room. You are all welcome to come and enjoy a step back in time til now about life in the White River Valley.
Arlene Fritzlan