Letter to the Editor: Enforceable action

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Dear Editor:
How does the weed ordinance warrant more enforceable action over and above street safety while snow removal gets no enforceable action? There are a number of trailers, boats and abandoned vehicles parked in the street which prevents proper snow removal. This is a health and safety concern. There are codes that enforce this action, why isn’t it being done?
Do town employees have to abide by this law or not? Please take note of the following information pertaining to new residency. If you are a new resident to Colorado and fail to register all vehicles you own within 30 days of becoming a resident your driving privilege may be suspended, revoked or cancelled and there can unregistered surcharge fee.
Colorado Requirements for residency: own or operate a business in Colorado, are gainfully employed in Colorado, reside in Colorado for 90 consecutive days.
After becoming a Colorado resident, you have 30 days to qualify for a Colorado driver’s license and 90 days to register your vehicle. Non-residents must register vehicles within 90 days of becoming a resident or becoming gainfully employed in the state. There is a supplemental unregistered vehicle surcharge of $25 per month that begins after the initial 90 days.
The perception from the town government of the Rangely watchdog committee is a disgruntled attitude. I think the first reaction for most of them is to defend themselves or worse yet to lash back. And yet, while criticism can be taken as hurtful and demoralizing, it can also be viewed in a positive way if you take responsibility and think of it as a form of communication which could make a difference. It could have the effect and motivation for us to do better if we can accept it as an opportunity to improve the quality and value of our local government. With open communication we can only see improvements, if we do what we have always done then we get the results of what we have always developed. Improvements and change are a good thing if the council would just accept it as a way for them to become better. With this productive form of communication it improves the quality and value of our local government which keeps all of the taxpayers informed about what is happening within our town right or wrong. If you are interested in more information about the items discussed in these articles or have you have an idea or complaint that you would like see addressed you can email rangelywatchdog@hotmail.com.
I encourage every taxpayer to question issues that are reported from the watchdog committee that you have an interest in and contact your town administrator or town council for an understanding of why things are done the way they are being done right or wrong in hopes that we can make Rangely a better place to live.
Darlene Feller