Letter to the Editor: Enough is enough

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Dear Editor:
While hunting in the upper White River area, we noticed new signs on all the forest service campgrounds. These campgrounds are all now closed due to the government shutdown. Really? These are all pay-on-an-honor-system use areas. No forest service employees are manning the campgrounds. With hunting season now upon us, where are the hunters who normally use these areas supposed to stay? These are the people’s campgrounds but yet we can no longer use them.
There are signs posted all up and down County Road 8 and Trappers’ Lake Road that no camping is allowed within 100 yards of the road. These are placed along wide spots in the road. These campgrounds have been in use for more than 35 years that we know of. It is just in the recent years they started having camp hosts. Over the time without hosts, there never was a problem with vandalism, or other destruction. Now that all the campgrounds have been closed as well as the areas along the road have been closed, why don’t they just close the whole forest and say the people aren’t welcome on their own lands? What has happened to our government for the people and by the people? Is it time for us the people to say enough is enough. Give us back some control over what is rightfully ours to use.
To the government employees here locally that live and work with us, this is not directed at you. We understand that you are only following the orders you have been given. We appreciate the job that you do and your keeping our forests in condition so we can use them and your contribution to our community.
Thank you,
Gerald and Twila Morris