Letter to the Editor: Explanation of Range Call move to Ute Park

Dear Editor:
I would just like to take a second to clarify some of the confusion surrounding the Meeker Range Call celebration and the move to Ute Park for some of the attractions.

This year’s Range Call event has become larger than ever! We are excited to be adding a carnival, hypnotist show, zombie paint ball booth, free truck giveaway and almost 75 vendors on top of all the towns’ favorite events.
This being said, we need more space to accommodate the larger crowds and attractions.
After several meetings with the town, county and police chief, it was determined that there was no way to make all the attractions work with the limited space and new construction. This was not for lack of trying on anyone’s part.
The Range Call board has worked very hard to bring in more attractions this year to maximize not only Range Call’s potential but support our local businesses as well.
I am personally extremely excited about how far this event has come this year and all the business it will bring to our town and county.
The Ute Park move does not have to be permanent, and Range Call is already working with the different groups regarding next year’s events
Meeker Range Call wants to support our local businesses any way we can and welcome them to contact me to discover how to showcase their business at Ute Park.
I would also like to thank everyone in the community for their continued support and a big thank you to the Range Call board for all their hard work.
Dawn Pozorski
Range Call Committee