Letter to the Editor: Fair Tax

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Dear Editor:
Politicians seek the wrong solution to our economic woes. The income tax has failed. It has driven business away from the US. The only proposal before Congress that will fix our economy is the Fair Tax (HR25) not to be confused with the Flat Tax.
The first year of enactment will produce 10.5 percent increase in the economy along with 36 percent increase in exports.
Workers will keep their full paycheck with no deductions for Uncle Sam.
Business will no longer have to keep mounds of records and report them to the IRS. That alone will save more than $500 billion annually which can be used to create new jobs. Every dime paid to Uncle Sam in income taxes can be used to create new business.
Congress has refused to act. Grassroots effort is necessary to pass The Fair Tax. See: fairtax.org.
Roy T Newsom
Granbury, Texas