Letter to the Editor: Family extends many thanks

Dear Editor:
Elliott M. Burke
(March 17, 1929 ~ April 10, 2011)
The Elliott M. Burke family would like to thank White River Market for the funeral reception, Rangely sheriff’s and police departments as well as the Cherry Hills Village Police Department, the Rangely and Englewood Masons, the local veterans, St. Mary’s ICU in Grand Junction and all of the friends and family that donated food, flowers, time, photos, prayers and immeasurable support! A special thanks to all of the bikers that rode in Elliott’s Last Ride biker parade. Its sight and sound was so impressive the earth moved. Elliott loved people and from the response to his passing, he was loved in return.
Thank you so much for not only your love and support but for blessing us by being a part of our lives.
The Entire Elliott Burke Family