Letter to the Editor: Fate brought me here

Dear Editor:
When somebody asks me what brought me to Rangely 10 years ago I respond, “GOD DID.”
I did not know anybody in Rangely but after four hours I rented an apartment and moved here two days later. I have never been lonely, as my children were worried, because I didn’t know anybody in Rangely. The people here are friendly, caring people and if anybody needs help there is always somebody to offer a kind word, shoulder or advice, direction, and even a table or chair if needed.
Last month I lost my second child since coming to Rangely. With the help of God and great friends, God knew I would need all my strength and would find it here with these wonderful people that are my friends and neighbors.
Rangely is a great place to live.
When my daughter died May 15, I was an emotional wreck for a while. That is why I did not tell many of my dear friends. I am now able to talk about it and thank all of those who have helped me get through it with prayer and support.
Peter Brixius and his wife helped me through the emotional roller coaster for the two months Debbie was in ICU, finally being released from the hospital and then dying in her sleep three days later. I want to thank them again for their help in getting me through it.
Paula Davis and Henry Hames for their strength, support and shoulder to cry on during my emotional breakdown. If it was not for them holding me up, their comfort and understanding, I may still be sitting in a puddle of tears.
Thank you to all the people that work and live in Rangely

Darlene Feller