Letter to the Editor: Fire prevention training

Dear Editor:
Meeker Volunteer Fire and Rescue participated in the annual Fire Prevention Week by going to the schools to give a short program to kids from preschool through fifth grade. The fifth grade classes were given live fire extinguisher training. Each kid got to put out a flammable liquid fire with an extinguisher. All of the kids were given a smoke detector to take home with the training to make sure it was installed properly. Laura Smith heads up the program each year with the help of several volunteer firemen. We encourage parents to call us with any questions concerning fire safety. Our goal is to see that every home in Meeker has smoke detectors that are installed properly. We also have access to many fire safety products for the home, such as fire escape ladders, fire suppression sticks for chimneys and much more. Please do not hesitate to call with any questions.
Steve Allen, Chief
Meeker Volunteer Fire and Rescue