Letter to the Editor: Foiled fraud

Dear Editor:
A few months ago I received a rather large bill in the mail. I had not purchased on item from this company nor had I received an item from them. When I called them, on of their suggestions was that I report it to the local police department, which I did.
Officer Keith Hood of the Rangely Police Department came to our house and took the information. He informed us that, based on his previous experience investigating similar fraud crimes, that this was more than likely a one-time crime and that I would probably not receive other fraudulent bills related to this source. He told us that he would investigate this crime and do his best to determine the perpetrator. He also informed us that the actual perpetrator was probably outside of the U.S. border.
Officer Hood, through diligent effort, was able to trace the item to a woman in Texas who was conned into shipping this and other fraudulent purchases to Russia. She has turned herself in to the FBI.
Thanks to Officer Hood’s professionalism and diligence my husband and I are able to put the incident behind us and sleep better. We are extremely grateful to Officer Hood and the Rangely Police Department. The Town of Rangely is very fortunate to have Officer Keith Hood in it’s employee.
Ann Benhart and Ed Anderson