Letter to the Editor: Friendly but not welcoming

Dear Editor:
My name is Joannie Tripe and I have lived in Meeker since 1998. I just finished reading your column, “From My Window,” in the Aug. 1 edition of the Rio Blanco Herald Times. I found today’s article really struck a chord with me.
I agree with you that while Meeker can be a friendly community it is also not a very welcoming community to new residents.
Even after living here for more than 15 years, I still often feel like an outsider.
My suggestion is that a column be written introducing a family that has moved to the Meeker area. This may be a family that just moved here recently or one that has been here for sometime but is not considered to be an old Meeker family.
This column could also be written for a new Rangely family, alternating weeks between the two towns.
Information on children, recreational interests, hobbies, etc., could be shared by the new families.
An introduction to the community like this may help “old timers” feel more welcoming to the new residents when they read that they have some shared experiences and interests.
Joannie Tripe