Letter to the Editor: Goal for The TANK! reached

Dear Editor:
A huge thanks out to all for putting us over our $57,000 goal!

We have received such amazing support from around the world, and we can now say that The TANK Center for Sonic Arts will open in late June. Our gratitude is limitless.
But we’re not done yet! The Kickstarter campaign doesn’t end until Sunday at 3 p.m. EST, and there are many sound lovers who still want to become a part of this historic campaign, who want to see their names written on The TANK, who want to partake of the fantastic rewards that are still available.
Any donations we receive from now until the end of the campaign will go toward setting up more workshops to teach audio arts and sound engineering to local residents, to purchase essential audio equipment and install an acoustic treatment for the Rhino Cubed recording studio, to install high-speed Internet and to start to refurbish our used Airstream as residency housing for visiting artists.
We can’t wait to see and hear you in The TANK!
With deepest gratitude, The TANK Center for Sonic Arts and Friends of The TANK
Joe Livingston