Letter to the Editor: Good time had at Old Timers’ dinner

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Dear Editor:
Hello to all. I just wanted to share with everyone what an enjoyable evening myself, my son and his wife had in Meeker this past Saturday evening as we attended the “Old Timers Dinner.”
It was wonderful to visit with so many friends that I don’t get to see that often. The history of the area under one roof at the Fairfield Center that evening was absolutely phenomenal.
The attendance was outstanding.

The people attending were so gracious and informative about the history of the area in the visiting we all got to do. The food served by Giovanni’s of Rangely was outstanding as well.
I just wanted to “Thank all the people involved for putting this dinner on” and letting us all share with each other the wonderful stories about our great county and towns.
Even during the downturn in our economy, these kind of get-togethers help us all to pull together and hopefully we all begin to work collectively together to get through this downturn.
I believe we have wonderful people on both ends of the county and that we can and will pull together to make our county even more successful than it has been in the past.
I just wanted to share with each of you how very wonderful this organization is. I would hope next year we can get more and more people attending from all over the county.
Remember, if you were born in Rio Blanco County or you have been here 30 years you qualify to attend. Remember also that those meeting the criteria to attend may also bring guests. What a neat way to educate others who are new to our area about our area.
I so enjoyed getting to visit with my old friends. It was wonderful.
So my advice to each and every one of you is plan on attending “The Old Timers Dinner” next year. You will truly enjoy yourself.
The schedule for the whole event takes most of the afternoon.
The dinner was served at 6:30 p.m. Prior to that, there was a whole lot of visiting with new and old friends.
Thanks to all of those people who put this together.  You do a fine job.
Peg Rector