Letter to the Editor: Hard work by Public Health staff

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Dear Editor:

One of the many reasons I feel blessed to live in Rio Blanco County is our local Public Health Department. A pandemic is never easy to navigate, but our community is in a healthier position, because of the hard work of Alice Harvey RN, Sarah Coker RN, and Beth Willey. These ladies work overtime (unpaid) to get our residents vaccinated, offer daily COVID testing, and keep our community businesses and leaders updated with virtual Pandemic Meetings. This is all due to Alice Harvey’s vision and dedication to our health. Oftentimes, community nursing is under-recognized for the vital part they play, but this pandemic has highlighted their important work. Life as we have known it has changed, but were it not for these ladies, we would not be enjoying the amount of freedom and good health we currently have. I would like to publicly thank Alice, Beth, and Sarah for keeping our businesses, schools, and parks open, so we adults can remain working and our children can hold onto as much normalcy as possible.

JoLyn Sullivan Dolan, B.S.N., RN