Letter to the Editor: Help our troops

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Dear Editor:
I am writing to ask for some help from the town of Meeker. I know that this town is amazing when it comes to those in need. I just wanted to give the people of Meeker another opportunity to show how much they truly care. Hopefully soon, and I say hopefully as a mother of one of these soldiers, Fort Carson will have several platoons returning from Afghanistan after being deployed a year or more. I have been informed by my son’s Family Readiness Group that there are more than 180 single soldiers coming home to empty barracks. These soldiers will not have access to any personal items for several days. It could even be four or more days. I would love to show what a great town Meeker is by accruing some of the needed items. If anyone would like to donate even the simplest item that would be fantastic! They are in need of the following items: (Keep in mind they need one for each soldier.)
n Hygiene basket with razors, shaving cream, toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, mouthwash, Q-tips, bar soap or body wash, deodorant, shampoo and hand soap, bath towels, shower mat, twin-size fitted and flat sheets, pillowcases, pillows, blankets, kitchen–size garbage cans, paper plates, utensils.
~ Beverages (four per soldier, i.e. Power-Aid, soda, water, etc.)
~ Snacks with expiration date later than May 2012 (several per soldier, i.e. Pringles, ramen noodles, chips, crackers, etc.)
~ “Welcome Home” signs/banners.
With the economy as it is and most of these supplies falling to the families of soldiers living on base to accrue, I would like to spare them as much as possible, as they have and do so much for our soldiers already.
I am planning on taking a truck over with supplies in April as they are filling the barracks around mid-April, so if anyone would like to contribute to these young men and women who have risked their lives for us please give me a call at 970-620-0779 and I will come pick up whatever you wish to donate. Also, for those interested, I would love to have the people of Meeker sign Mark’s banner to welcome him home. If any one has questions please give me a call 970-620-0779.
Thank you and God bless.
Brenda Boes
Meeker, Colo.