Letter to the Editor: Higher taxes on oil

Dear Editor:
The administration and too many members of Congress still want to levy higher taxes on oil and natural gas producers, a policy that would not only discourage investment and kill job creation, but also weaken our energy security and national defense. They are missing the big picture—spending is the problem, not lack of tax revenue.As long as Congress continues to spend so much money that they are forced to borrow to meet their ongoing daily expenses, America will go deeper in the red and our economy will remain stagnant. Adding to the tax burden of some of America’s most productive companies is not a substitute for governmental fiscal responsibilityOver the last 10 years the federal government has grown at twice the rate of the private sector. Federal spending adds over $54,000 to our national debt every second, more than the average American family makes in a year. It is plain to see that the present course is simply unsustainable.
Bill Costello